Advocates and Litigators

Our skilled Team of Advocates and Litigators share the vision of professionalism and ensure a high - standard service to all clients.

  • Highly educated in worldwide recognized educational institutions
  • Adequately qualified with local & international professional bodies
  • Members of prestigious professional associations & Societies
  • Multilingual with strong communication & writing skills
  • Organizational, methodical, prompt and consistent
  • Respected for keeping strong ethical standards and commitment
  • Wide knowledge and understanding of the law in Cyprus, European and International law and local rules and regulations in various foreign jurisdictions
  • Constantly following updates and developments locally & globally
  • Skillful arbitrators, mediators & negotiators
  • Handled a wide spectrum of cases in almost all fields of law
  • Progressively studying court rules & procedures
  • Wide understanding of business & commercial issues
  • Maintain a good relationship with key government authorities, local administration and regulatory bodies
  • Keep close ties with local & foreign embassies, consulates, business associations & societies

Have constant communication and affiliation with local and international banking and financial institutions