Piracy and the Implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP 4)

HSS Shipping Services can assist and advise ship-owning companies, ship-management companies and chartering companies on the implementation of IMO Best Management Practices to avert or minimize the danger of piracy incidents.

The BMP 4 has been formulated by the IMO and several industry organizations such as BIMCO, ICS, ITF, INTERTANGO, ISS, ISF and others and gained strong support in the past few years from the shipping industry. It forms recommended Planning and Operational Practices for ship Operators and Masters passing via piracy-infected areas (“high risk areas”)

 It serves the purpose of aiding ships to avoid / deter / delay piracy attacks in the High Risk Areas and minimizing a vessel’s exposure to the risk of becoming a victim of piracy.  Although of guidance or recommending nature the need for their compliance has been adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee and attracted support from the International Chamber of Shipping and other organizations and bodies.