HSS Shipping Services - Business Profile

Shipping / Admiralty Law

Our Form and Structure: HSS is the Shipping Services tier of the Hadjihannas Group, a multi-disciplinary practice which offers professional solutions in almost all aspects of business such as legal and accounting services, corporate services, tax solutions,  immigration services, liquidation and restructuring, marketing and energy. It has been formed to penetrate one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and to serve the legal needs of our largely international clientele.

Our Focus & Expertise: HSS Shipping Services is a progressive, international shipping law service provider which deals with all legal aspects of shipping such as ship registration under Cyprus flag, shipping company formation, yachting, tax planning and advising, ship finance, registration and enforcement of ship mortgages, drafting and interpreting contracts and agreements, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), piracy and legal advice on statutory requirements and offenses of a maritime nature. The team of professionals employed by HSS Shipping Services offers legal expertise covering the whole spectrum of International shipping activity.

Our Aim: “to formulate specialized, cost-effective legal solutions for our shipping clients”

Our Principle: At HSS, we believe in providing a modern, expert service primarily based on the development of long-standing business affiliations with our high valued clients.

Our commitment: To upkeep high standards of professionalism and maintain a solid quality service in constantly protecting the best interests and business needs of clients.

Our administration and methods: Our relationship with our high profile clientele has always been one of “confidentiality” and “exclusivity”.  Our wish is always to treat our business acquaintances and associates with the outmost respect and provide transparency in our costs and business dealings.

Our strategy: By utilizing our experienced and specialized personnel as well as our participation in a wider multi-service Group, HSS Shipping Services is able to offer an integrated, cost-effective package solution tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Team of Professionals

HSS Shipping Services employs a high-caliber Team of Legal and other professionals who are dedicated in providing a quality standard service to the Group’s clients.

Employees and associates of HSS Shipping Services work in co-ordination with professionals of the Hadjihannas Group forming a strong multi-disciplinary network of experts.

Our Lawyers and business advocates are highly esteemed in Cyprus and abroad for constituting a dynamic group of experts who are always ready to carry out client requests with the outmost care and diligence. Our Team is acknowledged both locally and internationally for possessing all the prerequisites to excel and successfully meet any business challenge that may arise.

Individually, each of our lawyers / advocates embraces the below characteristics:

Educated in high-profile accredited Universities and Colleges

  • Professionally qualified in widely recognized Business schools and  institutions
  • Specialized in all the major business and commercial fields
  • Experienced in a broad  range of  legal and commercial activities
  • Regularly handle the most complicated legal and  business requests
  • Organized, responsible and fast-responding
  • Strong communication skills and multilingual
  • Ability to understand  and materialize client’s needs
  • Innovative and efficient
  • Dedicated to professionalism and business ethics

Uncompromised sense of discretion and confidentiality